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World Mission

Please contact Hilda and David Poole Tel. 01530 244867 for further details.


When our work began in 1950, our approach was simple. We provided food and shelter for children in orphanages through child sponsorship. But we’ve learned a lot in 64 years. Now we offer a full solution to poverty and injustice issues — and make it sustainable so it lasts.

We work in the most difficult contexts in the poorest countries, because we believe in the power of transformation.

We love the way Jesus cared for the poor and oppressed, showing us how to listen to children and look out for widows and orphans.

  • Where possible, we partner with local churches, equipping them to meet community needs.

  • As a Christian organisation, we serve ALL people, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or creed.

  • We are privileged to be welcomed into many communities where Christianity is a minority faith — or barely present at all.

  • In accordance with the Red Cross Code of Conduct, we never proselytise or require a profession of faith in exchange for services.

  • Our hope is to reflect the unconditional and transformational love of Jesus in culturally appropriate ways.

Children live in families, in communities, in countries. We work on every level to achieve our goal of child well-being — from international activism to checking in on children face-to-face.

  • Children are the focus of our work, and they are important participants.

  • We invite children to tell us about the problems they see in their communities.

  • We help improve systems and structures to make their world a better, safer place to live.

Child sponsorship is at the foundation of our work. It gives us a long-term:

  • Relationship with children and sponsors; and

  • Funding base that we leverage to secure grants, corporate gifts, resources from local governments, one-time donations, and more.

This variety of funding sources creates synergy and amazing transformation for the children and the communities where we work.

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