Morning Service

We welcome all to our morning service whether you have been a regular Church goer in the past or this is a new experience for you.  Whether you have faith or are exploring faith, our Church is very welcoming to all.  All denominations are welcome and if you haven't been to a Methodist service before and are unsure what to expect, please don't be worried, come along and see for yourself!


10.20 - We start our morning with music, worship and prayers led by one of our worship leaders (people are coming in during this time so please don't worry if you don't make it to the church by 10.15, our worship leaders are used to people entering during this time!).


10.30 - The main service begins. We have our minister Steve Clark but share him with other churches, therefore our service may be led by Steve or by a local preacher.


After the service, we have tea and coffee, and you are very welcome to stay and chat.